Aerial View

Film production, real estate, events and much more. from a breathtaking height

Adlerflug – Pratteln, unsere Zukunft

Aus Sicht des Adlers nehmen wir euch mit auf eine ganz besondere Entdeckungsreise durch Pratteln.

A completely different aspect and perspective can be illustrated with aerial photographs.
Whether for breathtaking sports shots and to illustrate the location and surroundings in real estate documentations, whether for private or business events or for the marketing of your product: The feeling of space and spectacular views put your project / event in the spotlight!

I have various drones with the appropriate flight license. I take the security aspect into account responsibly. I also obtain the necessary permits in advance – there is no additional effort for you. Let’s start planning your project right away!

Your benefit: Your event, company building or your references will be staged with a sure vision. From a unique bird’s eye view, we will realize your desired photo from all directions and at different heights.

Alpen Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse Promo

Video promotion of the C-Class “I’m ready for winter” | Mercedes-Benz Kestenholz

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