Lukas Montañés

If you are looking for a photographer / videographer, please contact me without obligation. I will answer you in English or in German.

Welcome to Montañés Media.

My name is Lukas Montañés and I am happy to meet you!

I’m an avid photographer and videographer and you’d like to find out more about me, right?

I have been creating a wide variety of content for my customers for several years and my portfolio has grown steadily.

Be it a colorful, cheerful birthday party, a touching wedding celebration, team events that weld together or realistic product photographs that bring the viewer into the picture – I have a very good instinct for details and important moments. Capturing these and optimally staging them is my passion.

I am happy to continue to educate myself and develop myself further: for myself personally and for my customers. Thanks to my experience and training in digital marketing, I can fall back on in-depth specialist knowledge and incorporate it productively into my work.

By the way, I also have a small webshop where you can buy various pictures of me. Have a look.

Questions? Just text me.

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